Brocair Partners was founded on the principle that to be an effective advisor in a rapidly-changing, heavily-regulated, and often science and technology-driven industry like healthcare, you must provide more than just financial analysis skills.

Our people work hard every day to keep abreast of developments in a wide range of healthcare subsectors. We provide our clients with strategic insight and deep industry intelligence driven by our in-house research efforts, our proprietary information system that tracks thousands of companies and institutional investors, and most of all our ongoing dialogues with hundreds of industry executives and investors.

Our team is comprised of both healthcare industry-focused deal makers and former industry executives, which bring to bear a diversity of approaches and senior-level relationships with many strategic and financial buyers that often allow us multiple channels and points of entry in to these organizations.

This real-time knowledge positions us to offer thoughtful strategic advice to our clients, placing us far along the learning curve at the beginning of a project. This gives our clients an advantage in terms of time and resources, and positions them to reach the very best outcome.

  • Anders WilliamssonFormer Chairman, Biomain AB

    I was impressed with the speed and quality of the investment banking effort, and the transaction value was an exceptional endorsement of the quality of the business. The Board and owners were extremely pleased with the whole process, and the outcome was a classic win-win situation for both the company and the buyer.