Strategic Services

Take Privates: Brocair can help you free your company from the legal, accounting, and regulatory burdens of the Sarbanes-Oxley regime by assisting your board of directors in developing the appropriate strategy for taking your company off the public markets.

Brocair works with clients to conduct an internal review and to model scenarios. We then use our proprietary research tools and our existing relationships with investors and lenders to help them organize a buyout of their public shareholders through the appropriate mechanism for each company’s specific situation.

Joint Ventures: Brocair can help you negotiate and finance a joint venture. Often these are used to accomplish an entrĂ©e into a new geographic region, particularly when a local partner can provide specific expertise. Alternatively, JVs can be a strategy for a company to finance an acquisition by teaming up with professional investors who can help “sponsor” a transaction.

The subsequent JV will not be 100% owned by the corporate buyer, but it can help extend the buyer’s footprint into a new part of the industry. Brocair can help a client find the right partner, whether a corporate or a financial entity. In addition, Brocair can work with our international colleagues to help our clients find the optimal structure in international markets, where there may be specific regulatory or cultural factors that can make or break a joint venture.