Recapitalizations & Private Placements

Equity Financings: Brocair maintains a proprietary system to identify likely equity finance sources, based on the specific parameters of the situation—including the size of the financing, the geographic region of the company, the type of transaction, and the part of the healthcare sector in which the company operates. Further, the principals of Brocair maintain a diverse set of personal relationships with senior investment professionals throughout the industry.

Whether your company is looking for financing to support its research and development activities, or whether you are looking to finance a new phase of commercialization, Brocair can help you arrange financing from the most appropriate set of investors for your situation.

Debt Financings: Whether you are a private equity investor looking for a dividend recapitalization, or an executive looking for the best non-dilutive or minimally-dilutive financing strategy, Brocair can help arrange financings from senior secured loans, to mezzanine notes (which are generally subordinated debt with equity features), to asset-based financing. Brocair has the proprietary research tools and lender relationships to help structure the right transaction with the right partner to achieve your strategic objectives.

Restructurings: Brocair can help you refinance your company under a new, more advantageous structure to position your firm for faster growth and improve your company’s bottom line.

Brocair works with clients to help them decide the optimal structure of debt to equity, and the right terms for each, by conducting an intensive internal review and modeling each scenario. Next, we will use our proprietary research tools and our existing relationships with investors and lenders to help you create the optimal capital structure for your business.