Market Intelligence (Bintell™)

Every member of the Brocair Team is focused every day on staying abreast of changes in the industry; we are in regular dialogue with company CEOs and institutional investors to understand these changes and understand their impact on the competitive landscape.

Our in-house, proprietary Bintell™ system tracks the industry intelligence we gather. Bintell™ catalogues thousands of healthcare companies and their executives, as well as thousands of institutional investors from all over the world. It also holds details on many thousands of conversations we have had with industry executives and investors over the years—a unique resource. This level of intelligence enables Brocair to quickly understand our clients’ specific competitive and business landscape, and to identify likely buyers or sellers (or to rule them out).

  • Greg HahnFormer CEO, Synthetech, Inc.

    Brocair was instrumental in supporting Synthetech with a broad spectrum of services and assisting us in strategic direction and implementation. Brocair personnel are relational, communicative and readily share or brainstorm ideas. Their experience and enthusiasm were strong assets for our company when approaching both potential acquisition targets on our behalf and potential acquirers approaching us. A 10x EBITDA multiple from the sale of Synthetech to W.R. Grace is the crowning jewel of our relationship with Brocair.