Personal Attention

One of Brocair’s fundamental operating principles is that every project we take on is led directly by one or more of our most senior executives. Each of our executives has managed many transactions and is intimately familiar with the dynamics of advisory assignments and is experienced with the twists and turns of negotiation.

Although every project is unique, our executives have long transactional experience, either as a financial advisor, a company executive, or both. We will make recommendations, but we believe the most important factor to insure a successful transaction and a happy client is to listen. We make every effort to ensure that our clients get the outcome that is the best fit for their requirements—usually this is getting the best valuation, but there are often other factors that are important to our clients (such as certainty of close, employee relations, or succession planning), and we understand that the “best deal” is sometimes more complex.

  • Gerry SkewsFormer Director, Digital Healthcare

    I have had several dealings with Brocair and each time they have provided extremely professional and high quality services. They show a clear and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and are able to provide a well balanced range of services to help transact business.