Satisfied Clients

  • Jean BléhautPresident, Synthesis Business Unit, Novasep Holding SAS

    I am delighted with the contribution of Brocair Partners to this project. They were able to efficiently jump into a fast track project and were instrumental in entertaining excellent communication between the different stakeholders, which is an essential ingredient in a successful deal recipe.

  • Bruce DanCEO of Briggs Healthcare

    Brocair’s professional and experienced team was instrumental in proactively identifying SimpleLTC as the ideal acquisition for our digital expansion plans. Their industry knowledge and patience was a critical part of the acquisition process of introduction, data collection, and close. We have worked with Gregg and his team for several years and look forward to future M&A successes as well.

  • Devin AndersonCEO and President, E & A Industries, Inc.

    The Brocair team clearly demonstrated their deep knowledge of Ultra Solutions’ industry as well as the institutional investor community. Their efficient and thorough approach to identifying likely buyers brought many unexpected offers to the table. They were very professional and great to work with, and helped us to quickly progress to a successful transaction.

  • Liam LogueDirector of Group Corporate Development, UDG Healthcare

    Gregg and the rest of the Brocair team were exceptionally professional and responsive throughout the transaction process. Their efforts were critical in helping us refine our approach and work through the complexities that always emerge during the negotiation process. We were very pleased with Brocair’s contribution to the transaction.

  • Anders WilliamssonFormer Chairman, Biomain AB

    I was impressed with the speed and quality of the investment banking effort, and the transaction value was an exceptional endorsement of the quality of the business. The Board and owners were extremely pleased with the whole process, and the outcome was a classic win-win situation for both the company and the buyer.

  • Gerry SkewsFormer Director, Digital Healthcare

    I have had several dealings with Brocair and each time they have provided extremely professional and high quality services. They show a clear and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and are able to provide a well balanced range of services to help transact business.

  • Joachim SamuelssonFormer CEO, Biomain AB

    We were extremely pleased with the outcome when we sold our company. This was very much the result of a well orchestrated sales process by Brocair. Carefully selected prospects, well written investment memorandum and delicate handling of the potential buyers all contributed strongly to outstanding success.

  • Greg HahnFormer CEO, Synthetech, Inc.

    Brocair was instrumental in supporting Synthetech with a broad spectrum of services and assisting us in strategic direction and implementation. Brocair personnel are relational, communicative and readily share or brainstorm ideas. Their experience and enthusiasm were strong assets for our company when approaching both potential acquisition targets on our behalf and potential acquirers approaching us. A 10x EBITDA multiple from the sale of Synthetech to W.R. Grace is the crowning jewel of our relationship with Brocair.