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Medical Reprocessing Industry Perspective – July 2014

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning toward reprocessing of medical devices and equipment, in an effort to cut costs and increase sustainability.

Sterilization is the process wherein used medical equipment and devices are sterilized for future use in an effort to destroy the viability of any microbial life. Sterilization equipment represents some of the most critical equipment in a medical facility, given that the efficacy and success of patient outcomes depend on the ability to prevent cross-infections. There are a variety of methods for sterilization, which involve the use of heat, pressure, chemicals, or radiation.

The repair and refurbishment market serves a wide range of medical devices and equipment, from singleuse devices such as endoscopes and surgical tools to larger equipment such as imaging machines. The imaging, monitoring, and diagnostic devices segment is the fastest growing and represents 17% of the global market. Repair and refurbishment services range from basic cosmetic repairs to a full restoration of equipment back to its original state.

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